Sunday Indoor League

For the indoor season Nov 2018 – April 2019 we will be running a Sunday Indoor League.

Each month will consist of a different indoor round, to be shot during our Sunday sessions at Sweyne Park school.

One score should be submitted for each round per bow style. All categories of age and gender will be covered – everyone can shoot these rounds! The final scores will be collated in April, so the more rounds you shoot, the better your chance of winning one of the many prizes!

You must use the correct target at the correct distance for each round being shot, just like a ‘proper competition’! If in doubt about the scoring or rules, just ask one of the coaches or senior archers to explain: they will be happy to help.


November 2018 – ‘Portsmouth’ (1)

60cm target, 20 yards, 60 arrows (10-zone scoring)


December 2018 – ‘Worcester’ (1)

16in black/white target, 20 yards, 60 arrows (5-zone scoring)


January 2019 – ‘WA18m’

40cm target (or 3-spots), 18m, 60 arrows (10-zone scoring)


February 2019 – ‘Bray I’

40cm target, 20yds, 30 arrows (10-zone scoring)


March – ‘Worcester’ (2)

16in black/white target, 20 yards, 60 arrows (5-zone scoring)


April 2019 – ‘Portsmouth’ (2)

60cm target, 20 yards, 60 arrows (10-zone scoring)



All rounds must be scored like a proper round, on written scoresheets (you can generate a scoresheet for each round here:, and submitted to organizer Paul West (or club captain Tim Davies) via email (eg scan or picture) or in person before the end of each month. Miss the deadline and your your score will not be eligible.

All scores will be collated from each month.

All categories of bow style, age and gender will be covered.

An update of current standings/rank will be published each month.

Full results will be published in May.

Lots of prizes to be won!

Good luck and good shooting!