We publish regular Newsletters to provide information on Club activities within our membership (such as awards and achievements gained) and beyond (community initiatives, schools outreach etc).

Newsletters are provided as PDF files for viewing, download and/or printing – please select from the list below.

2016-11 Newsletter 2016_11 (pdf)

Simon Harding now Horseback Archery National Champ 2016! Ben B and Peter S pass Level 2 coaching qualification – well done guys! Lauren B awaiting confirmation of U16 WA 720 60m and 50m records! RTAC success at Malgrave Moonlight, although missed out on the coveted Team prize (again). Phil Rowberry achieves Rose Award for Target Compound 1000 (well done officer!); Andy Harris league begins with a win over Blue Arrows; RTAC take team Bronze at Racketts’ early season Portsmouth. Paul West closes a 10-year absence from Mayflowers’ WA18m and RTAC sweep some metalwork!

2016-10 Newsletter 2016_10 (pdf)

Sam B is Barebow Junior Champion 2016 and has new national record! Lauren B reaches 2nd in AGB Youth Festival at Lilleshall; lots of hard work and good results for the SCAS Junior Champs, and Claire Stanford Memorial shoots over the Bank Holiday weekend; Chairmans’ Cup results; Ian Bushell steps down as Club Team Captain after 20yrs service following final ECAA Albion league match vs West Essex.

2016-09 Newsletter 2016_9 (pdf)

RTAC host ECAA County Championship – many thanks for a lot of hard work by a lot of people and some great RTAC representation in the results! RTAC Senior Albion League team almost – but in the end, not quite – pipped CTRA on hits (not score, nor golds which were, incredibly, exactly the same). Shamsul takes gold (and best gold) at Grays Archers open.

2016-08 Newsletter 2016_8 (pdf)

Archery Festival at Holy Trinity School, Simon Harding at Horseback Archery Euro Grand Prix (and named senior coach), SCAS Junior Metrics and WA1440 at Colchester – great results by RTAC archers! Club annual WA1440/FITA results; Ian B topped Havering 45+ (and 65+!) Games.

2016-07 Newsletter 2016_7 (pdf)

Lauren B close to the top 4 at the Junior Selection Shoot in Lilleshall; lots of fun at the Club Clout, RTAC team at the West Essex Open WA1440; RTAC Juniors enjoy success, and suffer injury at the Junior Nationals; Helen H wins at Clophill; RTAC Albion League team win away at Colchester.  

2016-06 Newsletter 2016_6 (pdf)

Red Ants hoover up the medals at Havering Youth Tournament and West Essex Junior Invitationals! RTAC claim first place(s) in Perris Indoor winter postal league; coach Simon Harding presented with awards; Paul West defends his Bowmen of Deans trophy in Gloucester; more medals for RTAC at the ECAA Adult & Junior champs at Noak Hill; ECAA Albion League team take on Ascham

2016-05 Newsletter 2016_5_sm (pdf)

Rayleigh Town Archery Club (Juniors) wins the Rayleigh Council Best Sports Team award! Congrats to all! JW elected as SCAS President – well done John! Andy Harris League success and commiserations as it looks likely we’ll be demoted to Div 2…Juniors pepper the ArcheryGB Junior Awards, Paul W shoots to 3rd in the Woodford Clout, Carmel just misses out on Bronze at the Euro Para Championships

2016-02 Newsletter 2016_2 (pdf)

ECAA Andy Harris, Bray and Perris Postal League match scores, Mia at the Norwich Portmouth/Worcester/WA18 shoot, RTAC at the Raydon Hall Indoor American and Ken Gray Memorial Shoot (warmer this year!), and welcome to many new members!

2016-01 Newsletter 2016_1 (pdf)

Starting the year with a great turnout at the Frostbite at Runwell; Bray and junior’s Perris league indoor action; our annual Portsmouth weekend with RTAC claiming at least one of the top three spots in almost every Junior category, and the Senior Portsmouth the following day with some great scores. Lots of work put in by Phil Lees, Brian H and the rest of the ‘field team’ – many thanks to everyone for showing up to help and shoot.    

2015-12 Christmas Newsletter 2015_15 (pdf)

ArchreryGB Indoor Nationals: amazing result from the juniors, also in the 2015 National Rankings. Grand Master Bowman awards for Alex, Sam, Lauren, Mia and Lilly. RTAC in action at the Racketts Worcester competition and the year closes with Christmas fun shoot at Westwood.

2015-12 Newsletter 2015_14 (pdf)

Andy Harris and Bray matches; RTAC at the West Essex Open Portsmouth; Lauren B wins the Rochford and Castlepoint Young Sports Personality award (congrats Lauren!); Runwell bosses reduced for the winter (others are stored); Marie M, Sam B and Isabel S (shooting her first WA18!) excel at the British Barebow Champs – well done all three!

2015-11 Newsletter 2015_13 (pdf)

Celebrating Graham Sibley’s contribution to archery in Essex and far beyond – a sad loss to the sport. Racket’s Open Portsmouth – adults and juniors performing very well: all in the top 10 for each category. Mayflower’s RS WA18m and Braintree Bowmen’s Portsmouth with RTAC archers making impressive showings there too. Paul takes 3rd place at aim4sport’s Vegas shoot, and Lauren finishes 1st! New score submission form available on the club website to make sending your scores to Andy the Records Officer more convenient.

2015-10 Newsletter 2015_12 (pdf)

Strange goings-on at Senior teams’ final Albion match vs Ardleigh (culminating in a win for RTAC!), Sam B up to his usual National-Record-claiming tricks: amazing stuff! RTAC shone brightly at Malgrave’s wonderful Moonlight shot, indoor season kicks off with Bray and Andy Harris matches, and Lauren B has a great weekend!

2015-09 Newsletter 2015_11 (pdf)

Juniors dominate at SCAS Junior Championships and our own Claire Stanford Memorial shoot; great day for the Chairman’s Cup; Carmel brings the bronze bling to Westwood Academy (along with a thank-you buffet!).

2015-08 Newsletter 2015_10 (pdf)

RTAC Club FITA; ECAA WA1440 – called off mid-70m due to inclement weather! Brian shoots for RTAC at the Havering 45+ shoot; Albion team visit West Essex; Carmel Bassett shooting for GB in the World Para Championships in Donau, Germany wins Bronze medal!

2015-07 Newsletter 2015_9 (pdf)

John celebrates his 73rd birthday; Field supremo Geri wins at Crawley – crowned SCAS FITA Field Champion; Carmel representing GB in World Para Championships 23rd-30th August; Alleyn Court at Runwell for inter-house archery competition; great results from the 2015 Junior National Championships at Lilleshall; annual primary school archery festival at Holy Family School a great success; more great competition results from SCAS WA1440 Juniors at Colchester and CTRA WA720 (Double). Busy month!

2015-06 Newsletter 2015_6 (pdf)

RTAC Club Championships, Sam B breaking records and 1st in class at the Middlesex Metrics, RTAC at the Noak Hill Westerns, Essex & Suffolk vs Kent at our Runwell field (Essex wins by almost 1000 points!)

2015-05 Newsletter 2015_5 (pdf)

RTAC at West Essex Air Ambulance Double 720, Paul W making strong comeback winning Essex Clout and strong placings in SCAS Indoor Champs and winner of Brightons’ outdoor shoot, Mia C wins at the Clout, Carmel places 2nd at the AGB VI shoot in Lilleshall, Juniors at West Essex Invitational, coach Simon H at the Horseback Archery event in Poland, RTAC well represented at the Havering Youth Games, Albion League shenanigans!

2015-04 Newsletter_2015_4 (pdf)

RTAC shooters noted in the spring edition of ArcheryUK magazine (yay!); Good Friday work party prepare Runwell field for a busy Summer programme; ECAA Andy Harris League final results for 2014/15: RTAC finish 2nd to Raydon Halll; 2014/15 Bray I results: RTAC win Div 3 and the Junior stars win the Perris Postal League Div 2, 3rd in Div 1 and compounders win their Div 1: well done everyone! RTAC made an excellent showing at one of the biggest indoor competitions of the year: the annual SCAS Indoor Champs – real team spirit as super-sub Brian stepped in at last minute for the seniors team competition: congratulations everyone for some fantastic shooting!  

2015-03 Newsletter 2015_3 (pdf)

Final Bray matches (RTAC lead Div 3), Sam B representing the club at Chessington’s AC King’s Cup, final Andy Harris league matches put RTAC 2nd in Div 1 with highest aggregate score, RTAC go bowling! West Essex Bowmen’s Graeme Sibley and Portsmouth shoots, Essex County Indoor championships and RHS&SC bar manager Alistair retires. 

2015-02 Newsletter 2015_2 (pdf)

Bray matches, Clacton’s Portsmouth, Andy Harris match, Raydon Hall’s American, Braintree’s Worcester, Simon H selected for GBR for Europen Grand Prix Horseback competition, Ken Gray Memorial Shoot, Jolly Archer’s Triple Portsmouth, Carmel sets inaugural VI World Archery 1440 record for B3 Recurve! 

2015-01 Newsletter_2015_1 (pdf)

RTAC archers shooting in the AGB National Indoor Championships in Coventry – and bringing home some silverware! Christmas party and fun shoot at Westwood. The Brave Ten at Runwell shoot the 2015 annual Frostbite. 2015 Open Portsmouth Junior and Senior events went off beautifully with some excellent scoring.

2014-15 Newsletter 2014_15 (pdf)

John and Lauren honours at Castle Point Sports Awards, Junior placings in the UK top 100 rankings, ECAA top tens updated, West Essex Portsmouth, CTR WA18 and RTAC 2015 Portsmouth competitions, Sam B 2nd at National Barebox championships

2014-14 Newsletter_2014_14 (pdf)

2014/2015 Indoor season starts at Pope John Paul Hall and Deanes; RTAC at Racketts Portsmouth – great results for the club; Andy Harris and Bray I postal leagues begin; RTAC at Mayflower WA 18m – a first for many; RTAC at Braintree Bowmen’s Portsmouth – more team success!

2014-13 Newsletter_2014_13 (pdf)

RTAC hosts additional open tournament following SCAS Juniors; Chairman’s Cup w/ Roast Dinner shoot at Runwell on Sept 7th; RTAC juniors representing Essex as Inter-Counties Team Event in Kingston; final ECAA Albion League Match at West Essex; Simon Harding won silver for GB at Horseback Archery International; RTAC seniors and juniors in the results at the Malgrave Moonlight.

2014-12 Newsletter 2014_12 (pdf)

Penultimate 2015 Albion league match at Colchester, Helen H shooting for England, Perris release results of Winter League 13/14, academy juniors at Lilleshall shooting the Academies Cup and awaiting decisions on continued participation!

2014-11 Newsletter 2014_11 (pdf)

Sad news: Claire Stanford passes away, a new grant for RTAC Disabilities section, lots of competition near and far – and lots of successful RTAC members at Havering 45+ and 65+ tournaments and Carmel winning at the HDSA Millennium Shield, club clout and record attempts

2014-10 Newsletter_2014_10 (pdf)

Tim representing Essex at Lilleshall Inter Counties; Sam and Zep B stamp their mark with new kit; Junior Nation FITA Target Champs at Lilleshall – RTAC juniors in the points; ECAA Albion Leabgue match 2 vs Mayfflower; Arran Coggan from Archery GB visits Westwood; Sadie wins 242 20yd badge!  

2014-09 Newsletter_2014_9 (pdf)

RTAC send six to help Freddie Walk charity shoot; Club FITA – great results!; RTAC Away Team competing at Netherhall’s WRS FITA in blistering heat; Lauren B representing England at Home Nations Match in Lilleshall; ECAA Clout; Try-outs at the Elton John Concert Stoke Park.

2014-08 Newsletter_2014_8 (pdf)

Simon crashes with his horse Thistle (no harm done!); Ian and Helen at Meriden season-opening FITA; RTAC at Noak Hill Westerns; Record Breakers attempt on the Long Metrics – Ian M new holder for Recurve, George for Compound; Carmel and Ben D in the results at the Havering Disability Sports competition; RTAC in the results at the County outdoor Championships at Noak Hill; opening ECAA Albion League Match vs Priory.

2014-07 Newsletter_2014_7 (pdf)

RTAC Juniors at West Essex Bowmen Invitational, first Albion match of 2014, Luke M at Kestrel’s (aborted) tournement, Reece J UK Record and fine shooting at Middlesex Metrics, club Target Championship record turnout!

2014-06 Newsletter_2014_6 (pdf)

ECAA Clout competition at Woodford, new Disabilities Section for RTAC, annual Good Friday Runwell cleanup report, RTAC Juniors at the Havering Youth Tournament, Indoor league roundup at Braintree Bowmen’s site, Easter Sunday Record Attempt #1 a washout, Lauren B awarded Rayleigh Town Council Young Sportsperson of the Year, West Essex Air Ambulance FITA 70m report, Record Attempt #2 – new record holders! Simon H selected to represent GB in the Horsebow team vs Holland on 24/25 May, Record Attempt #3 – more new records!

2014-05 Newsletter_2014_5 (pdf)

Indoor League match scores for Bray 1, Andy Harris and Perris League matches, ECAA Indoor Championships report.

2014-04 Newsletter 2014_4 (pdf)

Deanes possibly saved from closure! Lots of competition activity: Juniors at Allington Castle Worcester/Portsmouth, Indoor League match results and SCAS Indoor Championships; an amazing run of arrow destruction with 4 Robin Hoods in as many weeks; 2014 Outdoor Programme to include dedicated ‘Record Attempts’. 

2014-03 Newsletter_2014_3 (pdf)

Runwell update, RTAC compete at Ken Gray Memorial Shoot, Braintree Bowmen’s Worcester, Ely Portsmouth and Jolly Archers/Cambridge County Championships, January Bray and Andy Harris matches with good scores (again!).

2014-02 Newsletter_2014_2 (pdf)

Juniors success in various leagues, particularly by the Compound team, and 3 out of 3 wins in the Perris league! Excellent turnout for Bray 1 league match in Jan – thanks all (and the adult team better look out for the Juniors who lost by only 77 points)! Our own Geri Nurse-Reeves claims new Ladies UK Field Record at Panthers: congrats Geri! More good scores in the Andy Harris league, Telford Archery Festival – friend of RTAC Rebecca G puts in a typically fabulous performance.  

2014-01 Newsletter_2014_1 (pdf)

RTAC awarded Archery GB onTarget Community Specialism Status, a new ‘home’ for the Club at Runwell?, Juniors figure in the Archery GB National Rankings, an abbreviated Frostbite, we stage a very successful and enjoyable 2014 Open Portsmouth competition weekend.

2013-13 Progress 2013_13 (pdf)

Paralympic reclassification affects Rebecca G’s W1 status – now classed as ST (Stool). Juniors and Seniors in action at the National Indoor Championships and Racketts Worcester (good performances in all competitions, too!). More good scores in Andy Harris and Bray League matches, finished off with the Xmas ‘Fun Shoot’ at Westwood Academy.

2013-12 Progress 2013_12 (pdf)

Slightly depleted turnout for first Bray League match and November’s Andy Harris, RTAC at West Essex Bowmen Portsmouth competition, Committee meet with Ploszajski Lynch Consulting Ltd regarding tenure at Runwell, Juniors in action at Allington Castle Worcester/Portsmouth competition and again for the Johnson boys as they compete at Fox Archers’ Portsmouth.

2013-11 Progress_2013_11 (pdf)

Indoor season kicks off with lots of competitive activity from seniors and juniors alike: teams in action at Racketts, Braintree and Clophill Portsmouths, Mayflower FITA 18 etc. Good results from all shoots. ECAA League competitions also underway with strong results.

2013-10 Progress_2013_10 (pdf)

Wrapping up the summer season with Albion League matches and final standings, Juniors at Kestrel’s Double National – which became National/Warwick due to the awful weather, Malgrave Moonlight attended by a hardy crowd of Rayleigh seniors, club AGM held at Pope John Paul Hall, first indoor sessions at Deane’s and Pope John Paul, and RTAC Level 1 Coach Vicky Boothman wins ArcheryGB grant to set up a club at her university, Royal Holloway. 

2013-09 Progress_2013_9 (pdf)

Geri and Andy’s success at Field events in Europe, SCAS Junior Champs hosted by RTAC – Essex Country win by 1 point, running repairs to the ‘old’ container by the sprightly ‘young’ OAPs!, Albion team victorious vs West Essex, Winter indoor shooting programme.

2013-08 Progress_2013_8 (pdf)

New club Gents FITA record claim by Ian Harris, Tim and Elliott competing in Suffolk, Josie and Luke competing in Kent, SCAS Junior Championships at Runwell, 2016 Olympic hopes for Rebecca Griffin.

2013-07 Progress_2013_7 (pdf)

Juniors and Seniors at Essex County FITA Championships, Horse Archery demonstration by Simon, 2013 Club Clout competition, new practice bosses supplied courtesy of Sported, Seniors Albion league match vs Colchester, Geri wins the UK & Ireland Field Champs in Scotland (Andy shot to 2nd place!), Josie Skinner solo at Eastbourne, Juniors shine at inaugural 2013 Junior UK Masters competition. Busy month!

2013-06 Progress_2013_6 (pdf)

Junior SCAS FITA Championships report, Club Sunday Roast ‘fun shoot’ at Runwell, Paul Ramos from Braintree Bowmen presents trophy to Rayleigh Juniors ‘B’ Team, winners of Division 2 Perris Archery Indoor Postal League. 

2013-05 Progress_2013_5 (pdf)

Archery For All: report from Junior School’s Archery Festival, GB Junior Nationals as Lilleshall, Senior team Albion league success at Ascham.

2013-04 Progress_2013_4 (pdf)

Archery For All: Cory Environmental grant made available for accessibility improvements at Runwell, Deans School closure threat, RTAC Coaches achieve Level 2 status, Juniors at Essex County Junior Target Championships, Senior team Albion league vs Mayflower, Club FITA competition.

2013-03 Progress_2013_3 (pdf)

Archery For All: Cory Environmental to release grant for accessibility improvements at Runwell, RTAC at Essex Clout and Crystal Palace Bowmen Open, Senior Albion League team vs Ardleigh, Club Target Championship.

2013-02 Progress_2013_2 (pdf)

Archery For All: HCA announce imminent settlement of lease for Runwell, RTAC seniors and juniors at ECAA Indoor Championships, RTAC coaches at Active Essex Young Person’s Sport Festival in Basildon.

2013-01 Progress 2013_1 (pdf)

Archery For All: ECAA trophy and awards for Albion League team and John Willson receives ‘Red Tassle’ award. RTAC at Racketts Portsmouth competition, Juniors ‘B’ team top Junior Indoor League Div 2.

2012-05 Progress_2012_05 (pdf)

Archery For All: Cory Environmental, Sported grants put to use pre-Olympics, John Willson selected as Olympic Torch bearer for Hadleigh.