Press & Media

Rayleigh Town archers and coaches have featured in numerous regional and national news and feature articles – a few of these are linked below:

‘SportEd – Archery For All’

Rayleigh Town feature in this SportEd promotional. Lots of Junior stars get their close-ups!

‘SportEd – Cross the Line’

SportEd promotional confirming that ‘its not where you start in life, its where you finish’. Our compound shooting star Rebecca Griffin contributes at 00:40sec.

Sportivate with ‘Comedy Dave’

‘Comedy Dave’ tries out a few sports, inspired by 2012. Our very own Tracey Wheatley is tasked with teaching him archery at around 01:30min.

‘Running Sports’

Sports England promotional in which John Willson discusses the turnaround of a small community club into a paragon of youth sports development.


Logos, Graphics etc

Please find below some club resources, including raster versions of our logo and badge for use in publicity and marketing materials

RTAC Circular Badge (1572 x 1578px)


Club Badge (circular 1572x1578px JPG)