Membership and Fees


Membership of the club is by application to our membership secretary and subject to committee approval.


Members must pay 3 fees when joining RTAC:

1. Club membership (which contribute to the costs of running the club, provision of our 24/7/365 shooting facilities etc). Fees for the Club run annually from 1st Feb. to 31st Jan as follows:

Senior: £70.00 (£35.00 for first-time applicants applying on or after 1st Aug)

Junior: £15.00

2. Registration with the Runwell Hospital Sports and Social Club (as we are affiliated to them). Their membership runs annually from 1st September as follows:

Single Adult: £20.00

Junior: must be registered under Family membership (see below)

Family: £40.00 includes parent/guardian(s) and all children under 18.

3. Subscription to the sport’s governing body Archery GB/GNAS. Subscriptions run annually from 1st Oct – 31 Sept but can be paid pro-rata depending on when you join RTAC (Club membership fees above also cover compulsory membership of our regional associations ECAA and SCAS).

Senior: £52.00

Junior: £12.00


Adult member: £70.00 + £20.00 + £52.00 = £142.00/year

Junior member: £15.00 + £40.00 + £12 = £67.00/year

2 Adults/2 children: (£70.00 + £70.00) + £40.00 + (£52.00 + £52.00) + (£12.00 + £12.00) = £308.00

Prices correct as of Aug 2020. Please note there may also be additional ‘target fees’ when attending indoor sessions at Sweyne Park School to cover the cost of hall hire.

“Associate Membership”/”Dual Membership”

Some clubs operate an “associate member” scheme which allows for some form of access to club facilities without full membership for archers already belonging to another club.

Due to the nature of our affiliation with Runwell Sports and Social Club, we do not run a similar scheme and any application for dual membership is subject to the same fee structure as a full membership shown above.