For Sale (February 2020)

One of our members has the following kit for sale. Email to be put in touch if you are interested in any of this equipment.

Compound kit for sale

Mybo/Merlin  Origin bow

24-27”  dl  40—50 pds  as new

Trophytaker rest

Mybo fitting for side rod

12” carbon side rod\

Quick  release for longrod

Mybo “Certo” longrod  32”

Toxonic Elite sight

Milenium  Scope  .75 lens

10 620 Ace arrows

Bow stand

Bow bag                                £600


Hoyt Cybertec compound bow

25—28 dl  40—50-pds

New strings

Spigerelli  Super rest

Quick  detatch for longrod

Easton Ace longrod+ weights

Fitting for side rod

12” carbon side rod

Bow stand

Bow bag                          £400


One piece bows   suitable for Barebow etc



48” length  30 pds @ 26

Bow case                                £50


Hoyt  Pro  Hunter.

58” length  45 pds  –28”

Bow case                                  £75