Deano’s Week and Holiday Archery

The ‘Deano’s Week‘ is a week long holiday special we run for children aged 9 years and upwards. The children join in on a range of archery activities throughout the week including; Target, Field, Archery Golf, Clout & Fun shoot.

The children are split into equal groups and individual medals are presented daily. Throughout the week medals won earn points for the individuals’ team.


It’s fun, friendship building, all the actives are run outdoors and it gives everyone the opportunity to learn many of the core archery skills.


At the end of the week we hold an additional presentation based on team points earned by team individuals throughout the week: all members of the winning teams are presented with medals to compliment those awarded during the week.

It’s a fun filled week – everyone enjoys it including the coaches/Team leaders!

For children 7 years and upwards, we run one day ‘Deano Days’ most thursdays throughout school holidays 10am-3pm.

The children are grouped by age range and at the end of the day 1st, 2nd & 3rd place medals are presented to each individual age group along with medals for ‘King of the Targets’ and ‘Deputy King of the Targets’.

To book a place or for any enquiries regarding future Deano’s days/ week, please contact the reception desk at The Deanes Sports Centre.