Ready for ‘the 242′?

The club runs a Target 242 award scheme which is an informal, fun way to track your progress and build up your collection of badge bling!

Starting at 20yds, you try to shoot 242 or more points with your first 3 dozen arrows (after sighters). Once you’ve attained 242 points at the first distance, you can try again – on a different day – at the next furthest until you’ve accumulated badges for all distances up to 100yds.

Sound easy? There have been only a couple of archers in the history of the club who have achieved 242 at the full set of distances…how far will you get?!



1. Five zone scoring (9 – 1) applies.

2. Open to any Rayleigh Town Archery Club archer.

3. Awards are claimed by reaching or exceeding 242 points with the first 3 dozen arrows at the given distance (and after any 6 arrow sighters).

4. Awards can be shot at any time and can be part of another round.

5. All awards must be shot and claimed in order, lowest first.

6. Only one round can be shot on any one day.

7. All claims must be presented on a RTAC score sheet eg. indoor round score sheet.

8. All claimed must be given to John Willson or sent to him at 82 Beech Road, Hadleigh, Essex, SS7 2AG together with 50p to cover the cost of the badge.

9. A badge will be presented to you when the score has been confirmed and can be worn by the archer if desired.

10. It must be noted that these scores are not included on the official club records nor count towards your club handicap.