Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Chairman: Paul West

Treasurer: Tony Edwards (Interim)

Manager of club finances.

Responsibilities include:

Handling of membership fee payments to club, regional and national associations.

Payment of rents and invoices.

Banking and accounting for payments.

Providing club accounting information for committee meetings and AGM.

Requires good numeracy, computer skills, confidence with financial management and attention to detail.

Secretary: Sarah West

The Secretary acts as the primary communicator between external parties (Archery GB, RSC, other clubs, regional and county associations, public individuals), the club committee and the members of RTAC.

Responsibilities include:

Acting as the club ‘mouthpiece’ through which all external and internal communications flow.

Organising committee meetings, minuting the discussions and taking votes on the big decisions.

Organizing the Annual General Meeting (typically first Weds in October).

Acting as the nominated ‘Club Elector’, representing the club’s vote at Archery GB meetings (this is often proxied by the county or regional association)

Managing club details and range certification renewals via the Archery GB Sport 80 online portal.

Maintaining club constitution and procedures.

Requires good literacy, computer and communication skills.

More information: Archery GB Running A Club (.pdf)

Membership Secretary: Tony Edwards

Manages the membership application and renewal of club (RTAC), county (ECAA, regional (SCAS) and national (Archery GB) associations.

Responsibilities include:

Processing membership applications and payment via the Treasurer

Communication with members about upcoming/late renewals

Managing register of club memberships via Archery GB Sport 80 online portal

Requires good communication, numeracy and computer skills, and attention to detail.

Records Officer: Ben Bradford

Equipment Officer: Dave Richardson

Groundsman: Graeme Ross

Field & Club Captain: Kevin Aurthton

Head Coaches: Paul Tolson & Dawn Tolson

Child Protection Officer: John Willson