Westwood! Have-a-Go! Clout!

From our secretary Tony:

If you regularly shoot at the  Westwood Academy archery sessions please note that, as the Academy is now closed for the holiday season, sessions will now take place on the field at Runwell on Tuesdays, commencing next Tuesday (22nd July) from 5.00pm to 7.00pm (possibly extended).

For new adult archers, who have completed their lessons (and may not yet have acquired a bow) there will a number of “Have-a-Go” sessions arranged at the same time.

Our annual Clout Shoot is to be held on Sunday 27th of July and, if you have had no experience of clout shooting, and want to get in a bit of training, there will be a training session on the Runwell shooting field next Tuesday (22nd July) at 3.00pm.

Records at Runwell!

Team Captain Ian Bushell has suggested adding a little spice to our Club days at Runwell this year by focussing on the current Club Records.

He has checked over the current records and compiled corresponding handicaps appropriate to the scores – if you are anywhere near the handicap you have a good chance of shooting for the record. The plan is to tackle the easier/lower handicapped records first…

More details on the Club Records page.

The OAP Team

Brian’s Progress Report 2013-09 included a small notice regarding some repairs to the old container at Runwell, undertaken by a crack team of veterans: Vic (79), Brian (71), Chris (71), Ian (69) and George (68).

These potent pensioners descended on the container to re-level it on new blocks, clear brambles, re-deck and felt the leaking roof before the worst of the winter weather ruined everything inside. Like quiet professionals, the job was done and dusted with the minimum of fuss.

A short while afterwards, Brian mentioned the number 358 – I thought he was talking about his score for the day: turns out it’s the combined age of the OAP Team!

A belated thanks, then, to all five for making sure Club equipment remains safe and sound for another year!

Like A (Wheeled) Boss!


New wheeled bosses have appeared at Runwell!

These four new, large bosses from TenZone Targets will eventually replace the existing wheeled bosses which have served us well over many seasons.

They have replaceable foam inserts, solid frames and – perhaps best of all – mud- or arrow- guards!


They are relatively light (can easily be shifted by one person) but need a little care when maneuvering into position - they have a shallow ‘tipping angle’, close to vertical, so be careful when lifting them onto their wheels that you don’t lift too high or they might tip over.

Once in position, they are solid, easy to pull arrows from and sound good!