For Sale (February 2020)

One of our members has the following kit for sale. Email to be put in touch if you are interested in any of this equipment.

Compound kit for sale

Mybo/Merlin  Origin bow

24-27”  dl  40—50 pds  as new

Trophytaker rest

Mybo fitting for side rod

12” carbon side rod\

Quick  release for longrod

Mybo “Certo” longrod  32”

Toxonic Elite sight

Milenium  Scope  .75 lens

10 620 Ace arrows

Bow stand

Bow bag                                £600


Hoyt Cybertec compound bow

25—28 dl  40—50-pds

New strings

Spigerelli  Super rest

Quick  detatch for longrod

Easton Ace longrod+ weights

Fitting for side rod

12” carbon side rod

Bow stand

Bow bag                          £400


One piece bows   suitable for Barebow etc



48” length  30 pds @ 26

Bow case                                £50


Hoyt  Pro  Hunter.

58” length  45 pds  –28”

Bow case                                  £75

November 2019

Sweyne Sunday shooting fee increase to £3.00

Due to rising costs, we have to increase the shooting fee for the Sunday afternoon sessions at Sweyne School from £2.00 to £3.00 with immediate effect (starting 24th November 2019).



Our members often have spare kit for sale: here’s the latest selection – if you are interested in any of these bundles/items, please contact quoting the reference and I’ll put you in touch with the seller.

Full Starter Bundle:


KAP Winstar ii riser with Samick Athlete limbs (23H -64”-32lbs / 25H – 66”- 30lbs)

Exe Hard case

Neet Quiver

8 arrows , all straight, but will need re fletching

Bow Stand

Long rod



Bow stringer, button, bracer, finger sling, arrow puller, finger tab etc

Basically all you need to get started £150 (ref JMC)


Advanced bundle


Spigarelli Riser with Spigarelli arrow rest ( plus 1 spare),

Border limbs (68” – 36lbs) used condition

Seb Flute Premium Advanced Carbon limbs (as new) 25H- 68”- 32lbs/ 23H- 66”- 34lbs

Carbon long rod, side rods, extender and v-bar also included



Exe Hard case

Great price £250  (ref JMC)



10 (+1 bare shaft) x Easton Superlite ACC 2-04/920 all in really good condition £100 (ref JMC)




Seb Flute Elite Carbon/High foam limbs (25H 66”-34lbs / 23H 64”-36LBS) really good condition £100  (ref JMC)




Olympus Binoculars, waterproof with case they retail for around £100, will take £55 (ref JMC).






Hallowe’en Spooky Shoot

IMAGE 17-10-2019 AT 09.22 (1)

Get ready for Hallowe’en at our Spooky Fun Shoot!

Wednesday 30th October 2019

Sweyne School Gym

Arrive at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start

Ghastly Juniors and Ghostly Seniors of all abilities welcome

Sinister snacks and dreadful (?) drinks will be available – a contribution to share with your fellow archery apparitions would be appreciated.

Prizes for Best Fancy Dress and Best Carved Pumpkin! 

Dress up in devilish disguises and bring your carved pumpkins for display on the night - the judges favourite will be chosen at the end of the shoot.

Just write your name on the back of your vampiric vegetable so we can identify the cackling carver!

Don’t be scared – we’ll see yooooooou there

IMAGE 17-10-2019 AT 09.22

2019 October Update

Indoor Club Meets: our indoor sessions have resumed at Sweyne Park school: please find more information about times etc here. It can get a bit busy on the shooting line but we’d love to see you there on Weds nights and Sun afternoons!

New Club Secretary: following the AGM, our long-standing Club Secretary Tony Edwards has stepped down and passed the files and folders to Tim Davies. We would like to thank Tony for his incredibly long service in this role (over 20 years!) and express our appreciation for his tireless efforts.

Note – there is a new email address: Please add this to your contacts to ensure you receive future emails from the club.

Competitions: indoor competitions take place almost every weekend over the winter across the region. For up-to-date information, please keep an eye on the ECAA calendar here. Many of our members will be attending some (or all!) of these shoots.

Most competitions indoors are shot at 20yds/18m and on 60cm or 40cm target faces, similar to our set up at Sweyne School so are suitable for all archers! They are typically very relaxed and sociable and take around 3 hours from start to finish. Please get in touch with coaches or senior archers if you need more information on competitions/rounds.

Information/Updates: the committee would like to improve communications with members, and are working out how best to keep you informed about club activities, competitions etc without overwhelming your inboxes. While we do this, please do get in touch at the address above with any suggestions/comments.

Get involved: Paul West is circulating a questionnaire (at Club meets at Sweyne School) aimed at understanding how members would like to participate in club activities. The number of archers entering events has dwindled over the past couple of years (senior and junior) despite having very healthy overall membership. We’d like to get those numbers back up so please do see Paul and fill out his quick survey. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please email the secretary at the address above.

New field at Runwell: our move to the new ground at RSSC gained a little momentum after an anonymous donor very generously provided a bridging loan to enable us to finish the major service work required for power, water and waste at the new site, which should commence early 2019.

RSSC seeking Secretary and Chairman: both the Chairman and Secretary at RSSC have stepped down from their roles after many years. RSSC are thus seeking willing hands to pick up the reigns and fill these positions – as a matter of urgency. Unless they are filled, the club will have to transition to a different trading model which would adversely affect its future. Please get in touch with the board via if you are interested in either of these positions.



AGM 2015/2016


Great turnout at last night’s AGM – lots of prizes, medals and awards presented, new members welcomed and achievements celebrated.

Our president Marlene gave a lovely address praising the achievements and discipline of our your archers and the hard work and commitment of the many volunteers who help everything to run smoothly and make our club the big friendly family that it is!

Financially we’re in good shape thanks to the diligence of club treasurer Tony, our coaching of archers of all ages continues to produce committed, enthusiastic participants, and our facilities steadily improve, despite the recent setbacks at Runwell.

Our archers fly the flag for the club at all levels: locally, nationally and internationally. Special mention was made of Carmel Bassett shooting for GB in the Vi category and coach Simon Harding who represents GB in horseback archery – both achieving stunning results in summer competitions.

Honorary memberships were unanimously agreed for Ian, our ex-president George and Tony.

The majority of the committee was re-elected with a couple of changes: Ben Bradford is our new Records Officer and I’ve taken over from the mighty Ian Bushell as Team Captain.

Finally, one or two questions from the floor prompted discussion of our impending change of location at Runwell SportsandSocial Club. RS&S continue to await the signing of the lease for the site at which time work can begin (weather permitting) to prepare the ‘new’ area over by the A130.

After just over an hour the meeting was closed. Thanks to those who attended, particularly Shamsul Hussain who made the trip all the way from Manor Park!

Tim D.

More national records for Sam B?


RTAC’s superstar barebow (and now nascent recurve) archer Sam B has been busy closing up his 2015 outdoor season with a bag of potential national record claims – adding to his already impressive collection of certificates!

Shooting at the Hampshire Championships this weekend (September 20th), Sam shot his way to at least two, possibly three new bests. His dad Zep tells the story:

Beautiful setting (…at the Hampshire Championships), plenty of archers on 29 targets shooting Metric rounds. Carla Piper was our welcoming host, arranging a target just for Samuel, and a handful of jovial judges who made our day most enjoyable. Samuel claimed 3 National records, 40m with 260 points (though this may have been recently beaten but not yet updated), 30m with 297 points (breaking his own record) and finally the Metric iv record (which has stood since 1990 at 1149 points) with 1171 points. All in all a decent final shoot of the outdoor season.

Once again, our congratulations to young Sam (and his support team) for such outstanding results!

Deanes/Westwood Autumn 2015

Juniors (& parents) please note:
Shooting at Deanes resumes next Monday (7th September). There will be 2 sessions @ 4.30p.m. & 5.30p.m.
Shooting at Westwood also resumes (indoors) next Tuesday (8th September). The junior session commences @ 7.00p.m. (to 8.00p.m.)
The senior session will commence @ 8.00p.m (to 9.15p.m.)
For the time being, there will be NO further organised shooting (i.e with coaches in attendance) on the field @ Runwell on Monday or Tuesday evenings.

Chairman’s Cup – Sept. 6th

Don’t forget our Chairman’s Cup competition, taking place at our Runwell field on Sunday 6th September – contact Phil Lees (mobile 07597 095544 or philiplees(at) to book your place on the line!

Rounds to be shot: NATIONALS (with appropriate distances according to age, gender & abilities) – All to be shot under GNAS Rules of Shooting

PLEASE NOTE: If you happen to be the holder of any Shield or Trophy for this Shoot, please ensure that it is returned prior to or at the event – if you are unable to do so, please contact Phil.

IMPORTANT: To help ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, please contact Phil either by e-mail or text (contact details shown above) and let Phil know the round you wish to shoot. Juniors, please provide your D.O.B. – Phil can then work out the round best suited to you.


Please bring along your lunch and something extra as a contribution to our customary tea which will be held at the presentation of the prizes at the end of the Shoot.

Hope to see you there!