2013 SCAS Junior Championships

2013 SCAS Record Status & Rose Award Junior Championships

Date: 31st August 2013

Results: Please visit the Results page

Target List: 2013 Target List (.doc file)

Entry Form: 2013 SCAS Junior Championships Entry Form


  • York (Boys Championship Round)
  • Hereford (Girls Championship Round)
  • Bristols I-V (According to age group for Girls)
  • Bristols I-IV (According to age group for Boys
  • Bristol V (additional non-Record Status for Boys)


  • Boy Champion (Recurve)
  • Boy Champion (Compound)
  • Girl Champion (Recurve)
  • Girl Champion (Compound)
  • Shields and SCAS Medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd in all rounds
  • Club and County Team Awards (Recurve)

Assembly: 9:30am

Sighters: 9:45am


  • Meeting will be conducted under GNAS Rules of Shooting
  • No provision will be made for professional archers or archers shooting crossbows
  • Record Status has been granted.
  • ALL Record Status shoots are liable for drug testing and competitors approached to give samples must comply. If they refuse, that refusal will be treated as a positive result.
  • GNAS membership cards may be inspected when booking in.
  • PLEASE NOTE: GNAS rule 307 covering dress regulations requires all archers to wear the accepted dress (no blue denim or camouflage allowed).
  • Light refreshments will be available.

Entry Fee: £8.50

Contact (entry form below):

Tina Horley

16 Leeds Smith Drive




Tel: 01767 681991

Email: tina2.horley@btinternet.com

Disclaimer: Neither the Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS) or Rayleigh Town Archery Club (RTAC) can accept responsibility for loss or damage to persons or property.

Entry Form: 2013 SCAS Junior Championships Entry Form