2013 Chairmans Cup Handicap Shoot


A record number of archers, Junior and Seniors, made it to Runwell to compete for the Chairman’s Cup – the last major outdoor club shoot of the season.

Seniors encampment at Runwell [pic by Brian H]

Under highly variable weather conditions (notably a weird wind and intermittent showers), we shot Nationals appropriate to age and ability – but this being a handicap shoot, anyone could win the coveted trophies!

2013_chairmans_cup_IMG_1315Shooting began promptly and it was clear the competition would be fierce – new faces and old hands alike were putting in good scores despite the challenging weather. The odd miss here and there only added to the happy atmosphere – it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves out on the field.


Phil leads out the Juniors on an arrow hunt

From Zimbabwe to Runwell: Jacqui and Jackie

The first distance over, and after a short break for a free drink at the bar organized by our Chairman George Benson (who was also busy working on a cracking Compound score!), jackets and umbrellas were broken out to fend off the elements during the shorter distance. Top prize for style goes to Brian, however, who had almost everything covered:


Brian previews the Autumn/Winter collection…

Golds in abundance meant a little more struggle for the target pullers who resorted to the odd knee to wrestle the arrows from the Whitetail bosses – a task made even more difficult by more rain! John Corke takes the prize for quickest end of arrows in a competitive shoot, sending his last three arrows off to the target in about 4 seconds before getting out of the rain.


Grant and Brian go all-out kung fu on a Whitetail boss.

As the shooting drew to a close, it was anyone’s guess who would win. By now the rain had eased and we all gathered around the club house waiting for Phil to heroically compute the scores, and more importantly, the tea to start. Unsurprisingly, when it was called the Juniors (and Vic!) pounced on the spread like vultures. Within minutes the table was stripped bare. It was the lucky few who managed to grab one of Charles’ Eccles cakes…


The seniors had to push this lot out of the way to get to the Jammy Dodgers…

And then Phil emerged, blinking, to deliver the results, with prizes awarded by our Lady Paramount Lisa. The winners were:

Gents: Grant Beswick

Ladies: Debbie Horn (was originally attributed to Jackie Hanan, see below!)

Junior Gents: Luke Morgan

Junior Ladies: Josie Skinner

With additional prizes for:

Best Gold Recurve: Tim Davies

Best Gold Compound: John Fensom

Worst White: Helena Milne

2013_chairmans_cup_IMG_1331Daniel and Jackie, Grant, Luke and Josie with their trophies (sorry Josie, eyes closed!)


Tim collects Best Gold and John claims his End Speed Record [pic by Brian H]

A huge thanks to Phil and the field team, the ladies for the tea and all the archers for making this year’s Chairman’s Cup such an enjoyable finale to the season’s competitions.

UPDATE! Due to an administrative error spotted by the ever-vigilant Brian H, it became clear that the Ladies Recurve was actually won by Debbie Horn – unfortunately Jackie’s round was changed at the last minute from a National to Long National but the scoresheet wasn’t amended before the shoot began. So the error continued through as John and Phil tried to calculate handicaps and resulted in Jackie being given a handicap of 48 instead of 39. Phil says: “When translated to an allowance for the round she got 981 instead of 963 giving her a total of 1459 not 1477. Debbie Horn got 1469 which makes her the winner not Jackie”. 

So sincere apologies to Jackie for the error and the disappointment of having to hand the trophy back but also congratulations to Debbie for her eventual win!

The (amended) results are available here: 2013 Chairmans Cup Results (amended)

It should also be noted that Lenni Canham scored a brilliant 616 out of a max 648, and Alex Rowberry scored a superb 568 out of a max 648: the highest scoring Juniors before handicap allowance was added. Well done, both!

Finally, Phil provides some information on how handicaps are calculated here!