2013-08-04 RTAC vs. Colchester and District

Our Colchester and District Archery Club hosts on home turf…

Our August match took us to Colchester and District Archery Club’s lovely field on a day of broken cloud, warm sunshine and a fierce southerly wind!

The team was made up of captain Ian Bushell, Iain Martin, Brian Henning, Grant Beswick, Jim, Tim Davies, and (making his debut for the club, and recovering from a shoulder injury) Grant Hanan.

Shooting began at 80yds in what sometimes seemed like a tornado: Grant H described his arrows as ‘corkscrewing’ down to the target, groups were opened wide by the tailwind and misses were rife on both sides. Quick, strong shots were the order of the day  - most of the team wishing a swift end to this distance….

The team, recovering from the chaos of 80yds [pic Brian H].

After a short lunch, 60 yards seemed a slightly easier challenge – but now technical issues began to strike: Ian B discovered a split nock too late following some disappointing ends, Tim’s Spin Wings needed (yet more) maintenance and Grant’s tent was in danger of imploding under the relentless battering of the wind. Confidence was high, however, that we were ‘doing alright’ against CADAC’s scores so far….

Grant (left) and Ian sabotage CADAC’s arrows…

The 50yd distance came as welcome relief and passed too quickly: everyone settled into  a good rhythm, technical glitches were resolved and plenty of golds went onto the scoresheets. All too soon, the last of the 108 arrows had hit their mark and it was time for tea: a delicious spread of sandwiches, cakes and cookies. Both teams sat mingled around a big table with plenty of amiable banter while we waited for the scores.

2013_albion_vs_cadac_001RTAC Seniors trying to stay upright in the gale…look at those trees! [pic by Brian H]

In the end, Rayleigh had scored 3966 against CADAC’s 4014…!

Another fantastic, closely-fought match against one of the friendliest teams around. Thanks to CADAC for providing such a warm welcome.

Full results for all Match 4 shoots are available here: Albion League Match 4 Results

The teams’ individual scores for the day:

Brian: 625

Grant B: 743

Grant H: 808 (edit: having checked his scoresheet later, Grant discovered his total should have been signed off as 812 – oops! Still, it was a great score for a debut.)

Ian B: 756

Iain M: 785

Jim: 674

Tim: 874