SCAS/ECAA Weekend at Runwell 20th/21st July 2019

The SCAS Junior and Senior WA1440 WRS tournaments have been combined into  a one-day shoot: 20th July 2019, hosted by RTAC. More details and entry form (via ecaa.org.uk)

The ECAA WA1440 WRS Tournament is scheduled for 21st July 2019, to be hosted by RTAC. More details and entry form (via ecaa.org.uk)


SCAS Junior/Open York RS Shoots 31st August/1st September 2019

The annual SCAS Junior Championships has been combined with an open York competition for adults taking place at our field in Runwell on 31th August. More details and entry form (via ecaa.org.uk). Both are Record Status.

The Junior/Open York on Saturday is followed by the Rayleigh Open/Claire Stanford Memorial Shoot (another Record Status York/Hereford/Bristol shoot suitable for all ages) taking place on Sunday 1st September. An ideal weekend to get two big RS shoots done and dusted! More details and entry form (via ecaa.org.uk)


Club Target Championships – 26th May 2019


2019 Portsmouth Competition – results


Results from 2018 SCAS Junior Championships available here.

Results from 2018 Rayleigh Open/Claire Stanford Memorial Shoot available here.


Results from 2018 SCAS Junior/Senior WA1440 Tournament available here.

Results from 2018 ECAA WA1440 Tournament available here.


Results from our 2018 Portsmouth competitions are available here.




Perhaps you’ve seen archery at the Olympics in London or Rio, or picture yourself as a Hawkeye or Katniss Everdeen!? Archery can be enjoyed by everyone: all ages (8yrs+), sizes and abilities can shoot arrows for fun or at the highest levels of competition!

Our Beginner’s Courses are an ideal way to experience the sport and learn the basics of archery in a relaxed, informal atmosphere with an emphasis on safety and fun.

Please check our Courses and Coaching page for more information.

Sweyne Park School: Wednesday nights

Junior Session 7.00p.m – 8.00pm
Adult Session 8.00p.m – 10.00pm



We are a friendly, open club with a diverse membership of all ages (8+), interests and abilities.

Qualified coaches run regular Try Outs and Beginner’s Courses throughout the year where the emphasis is on safety, fun and competence. Details of our courses can be found here.

We are fortunate to be able to shoot at a number of local facilities. During the summer months, our members make good use of our 100yd+ outdoor range at Runwell Sports Club near Wickford which is available 24/7. During the winter we move inside to the Sweyne Park School for beginner’s courses, evening shoots and indoor league competitions. More information on our locations can be found here.

Archery is a fantastic sport enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities! If you’d like to find out more about the Club or how to get started in archery, please email us for info or take a look at our Archery Try Days and Beginner’s Courses.